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The Solution to Damaged MP4 Videos

Currently, there has been increased development of technology, and repairing broken video files cannot be exempted. Technology has made it easy for various corrupt video formats to be repaired. MP4 video files are the most commonly used video format due to its compatibility with may video players. However, the MP4 file format is subject to damage. It leaves you as the user with no option rather than getting another copy of the file from the internet and repairing it using reliable and secure software. At times it is not possible to get a new copy of the file mainly if the file was recorded and stored in your hard disk; this calls for a repair.

Looking at How to How to Fix Corrupted Video Files mp4, Here are the Reasons as to Why Your File Get Damaged:

  • The occurrence of an error during writing or reading process of data in the MP4 video file. When editing a file, it undergoes a redefinition of its internal architecture for it to incorporate changes made expertly. In case an unexpected error occurs during this process, the result could be that some information will end up missing from the video file.
  • Damage of data during transfer due to both tangible means and intangible means like loss of internet during the transfer, data loss during physical transfer to external storage devices like hard disks, or attacks from a virus.

To Avoid MP4 Video Corruption, Ensure that You Take into Account the Following Measures:

  • Before making changes to your MP4 video file ensure that you make a copy of the information
  • Always ensure that the operating system of your computer is updated as this helps to update video card drivers that, when they are outdated, can damage your MP4 video file.
  • Always learn to use multiple backup methods, for instance, use CD, USB, Cloud storage and DVD for the same MP4 video file.

After your MP4 video file has corrupted, you need to download an MP4 repair software. There is a wide range of these repair tools on the internet. Some of the available repair tools are not secure and reliable; therefore, you need to select the most professional one. Using a safe Video Repair Tool will give you the best results and this tool is Recoverit MP4 Video Repair Tool.

Recoverit MP4 Video Repair Tool is a technologically advanced MP4 video repair software that can help you repair corrupted MP4 video files that are damaged due to common causes that alters the contents of the original file. The software corrects all errors in your MP4 video file including fixing the frames of the file, slider movement, header, sound, and the movement of the MP4 video file. Recoverit MP4 Video Repair Tool is compatible with all operating systems, including macOS and Windows.

Using Recoverit MP4 Video Repair Tool to Fix Corrupted mp4 Includes:

  • Downloading and installing the software on your computer
  • Launching the software and then adding the files to be repaired to the mp4 repair tool
  • Selecting the corrupted MP4 video files and then clicking the Repair button to initiate the repairing mp4 files process
  • Allowing the program to run for a few minutes and then saving the files after previewing them to ensure the best quality and that they are fully fixed.
  • In the case where the MP4 video files fail to repair successfully, you will use the Advance Video Repair mode.
  • Clicking the Save button after the repair and your repaired files will be saved to the appropriate folder.

Moreover, you repair your MP4 video files using digital video repair by using the VLC Media Player, to fix corrupted mp4, follow the following steps:

  • Open and run VLC Media Player on your computer
  • Add the corrupted videos to be repaired
  • Go to Settings on your VLC Media Player and then select Convert, followed by choosing the suitable codec and then set a location to save the repaired file. Click Start
  • Find the preferences settings on your VLC by pressing Ctrl+P on your keyboard
  • Hit on Always fix button
  • Once you hit Always fix button, click Save. Your corrupt MP4 video file will be repaired and saved in the location you selected.

In addition to that, you can also use the kernel video repair tool. This is also another advanced MP4 repair tool that fixes corrupt MP4 video files. The following steps are used to repair mp4 files that are corrupted;

  • Download and install the program
  • Select the damaged MP4 video files to repair
  • Click on Repair files after selecting them
  • Select a location you want the fixed files to be saved, after hitting the Repair button, the process will initiate automatically
  • Let the software run for some time till there is Success prompt on the screen then click on Save report to CSV. Your repaired files will be saved to the location you selected.


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